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Pierre Pellarin is a French graphic designer whose work never goes unnoticed. His contribution last year to the Brett Ratner Creative Invite on Talenthouse was so popular that it made it to the People’s Choice winner of the contest, and allowed Pierre to forge valuable new bonds with other creative Talenthouse members. New collaborations were born from these meetings that Pierre relishes as “great opportunities, amazing motivational engines, a chance for both culture and intellectual exchanges”..

Join us for a look into Pierre’s unique and enticing creative universe!

TH: Hi Pierre! Could you introduce yourself in a few sentences?
Even though I am a graduate in Fine Arts, and have been a student of Architecture, I consider myself to be mostly self-taught, on the grounds, of course, of self-expression. Indeed, even though one chooses a course of study, it’s always uncertain whether this path will allow you to develop the skills you actually are interested in.

I work in close collaboration with my friend (that’s why we use the pseudonym pierO’n Mu), who is a talented painter. She was invited to take part in the first Beijing International Contemporary Art Biennale, amongst other events.

Our two visions of the world are complementary like Yin and Yang. This virtuous, fecund circle constitutes the basis for all my creations. Diversity, curiosity, the exploration of different fields and techniques are a bounty from which I could not be parted.

I am a graphic designer who also dabbles in web design and motion design.

[My] logo for Brett Ratner has allowed me to make extremely rewarding connections both on the human and creative scale.

pierOnMu’s contribution to the Brett Ratner Talenthouse Creative Invite

TH: What made you want to become a graphic designer? Where do you find your inspiration and what are you influenced by?
I was born in Annecy, famous for its yearly International Animation Film Festival. The fantastical images moving on the screen, the perpetual intermingling of cultures, have always inspired me, and have largely contributed to the maturing of my imagination.

EVERYTHING which I can see, hear, touch, taste or smell, are eternal sources of inspiration of me. The most beautiful source of all is the one I find in the eyes of my Muse, my better half, my model…

I prefer working at night, the time most suited to the realization of our dreams and to introspection. Stars and the phases of the moon hold an important place in my artistic universe.

All forms of art can become an inspiration, and how not to be influenced by artists like Michelangelo, Francis Bacon, Antoni Tàpies, Helmut Newton, Frank Lloyd Wright, David Lynch, Tim Burton, Oscar Wilde… without forgetting about graphic novels (Mangas, Comics, and the Franco-Belgian style) which I consider to be an art form in its own right.


The Dark Angel Of The Road

TH: How would you define your style? What kind of visual universe do you seek to create through your art?
I like to combine elegance, refinement and sensuality in my works. I try to keep in mind that it is poetry who should be my guide, whichever the style employed (even though I always find the word ‘style’ to be a little restrictive). It is this sense of poetry whom I should trust to make my work original, striking and mysterious. I am captivated by the bewitching, the intoxicating, even the alarming and the venomous, the brightness brought to light by darkness. The exploration of imagery circulated by omnipresent symbols, myths, legends ancient and modern, bring me to favor dark, glamourous and science-fictional universes. A spellbinding place where I love to wander and to bring in new people, discovery being at the root of all creation… But I admit to enjoying switching between one universe and the other.

Art is the most beautiful and most powerful vehicle for our ideas and our convictions.

TH: Which is the project you made (or took part in) and that you are the proudest of?
The logo for Brett Ratner (that I created thanks to the Talenthouse contest) is one of my favorites, that has allowed me to make extremely rewarding connections both on the human and creative scale. This was actually the starting point of the motion design creation “Android Dream of Electric Sheep”, with music by Mikhael Jabroux, an electronic music composer and also a member of Talenthouse. Artistic collaborations will always be more than just something to be proud of: great opportunities, amazing motivational engines, a chance for both culture and intellectual exchanges.

Android Dream Of Electric Sheep - Mika.L

TH: What now? Tell us about one of your ongoing projects!
Well, there are a lot of things going on at the moment. I have just finished the design of the website and logo of Faenza/Marco Horvat, a website dedicated to music lovers of all kinds. Then, of course, there is the plan to add music to the animated Brett Ratner logo, in collaboration with another electronic music composer.

The upcoming realization of another motion design video using 3D modeling software (the result of which will look completely different from anything I have ever done before) is a highlight that I am eagerly looking forwards to. In addition, there are also a number of web design projects lined up in the near future…

And finally, my relentless pursuit of new horizons, the quest to improve again and again…

TH: What would you like to achieve most of all in your career?
There is a cause which I would like to lend my voice to and defend most of all (and which I am so far keeping a secret). For Art is the most beautiful and most powerful vehicle for our ideas and our convictions.

Art will save the world.Fiodor Dostoïevski

Car l’Art est le plus beau et puissant véhicule de nos idées et de nos convictions.
Fiodor Dostoïevski said “Art will save the world”. I second his words, and dearly hope that we can be right!

The Cat

The Last Judgement

TH: Thank you Pierre for this interview! We were glad to learn that your logo for Brett Ratner allowed you to make valuable and long-lasting creative connections. We look forwards to seeing more of your work on Talenthouse in the future.

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